Turco And Co Fremantle - Mario Turco (Accountant) Turco and Co Perth

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Mario Turco (from Turco and Co in Perth Western Australia) gave me terrible advice and cost me big $$. He has a terrible name in Perth and I cant believe he still has his accounting licence.

He reccomended to me that I do certain dodgy tax stuff and it caught up with me big time. I had no idea that what he said was ilegal though it definately was. Seriously becareful of this guy.

Around Town he is know as the accountant you go and see if you want to defraud the ATO.

Stay away from him he is a crook.

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I have heard horrible stories about this guy getting said around Perth. Just the other day some people where talkin about how he tried to help rip off one of his clients, frickin horrible story.

Turco And Co Fremantle - Ripped off by accountant in fremantle turco and co conmen

Perth, Western Australia 1 comment
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I had trusted mario turco and his snivellig brother victor to do my business taxes for a few years that was until I found out they were bankrupts and gamblers.It cost me a fortune to extricate myself from the financial mess they left my business in after shoddy tax and investment advice.

Little did I know they are both gamblers who owe a lot of money to bookies etc.

Fancy letting these morons continue to trade when they are conmen and sharlitans (look that up) my only advice for anyone in Western Australia is: avoid Turco and Co in Fremantle like the plague, it will end in abject misery!!!100% guaranteed

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I need help!

We are putting together a formal complaint to the CPA about turco and co pty ltd. Also we are in the process of putting forward a court case again the company. For the formal complain to the CPA my company needs as much support as we can, If anyone has anyone information at can help me in my case can you please email me directly to


any help/information will be greatly appreciated!



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